Our vision is to achieve cultural integration through positive environmental action.

Blanc & White Collective is a social enterprise that re-purposes used plastic bags, and converts them into a new material to make high-end women’s purses, clutches, wallets and accessories. 

Through the process of gathering refugees and new migrants to re-purpose used plastic bags into high-end women’s accessories, we aim to achieve cultural integration by generating skilled and sustainable employment.

We want to enrich the multicultural relationships for Australians and new migrants by respecting and learning from our differences. We celebrate diversity and employ and train people from refugee and new migrant communities in Melbourne.

We believe fashion and creativity can lead to learning and empowerment. Blanc & White Collective is a safe and creative space that empowers people and celebrates their cultural heritage. We produce transformed material, made of used plastic bags, and a variety of cultural and educational workshops that support the multicultural spirit of our enterprise.


Plastic transformation

With the help of AORA recycling, we repurpose and otherwise waste material we all have in the household. 

The process is different depending on the plastic type and quality, you can give us your plastic for this process or we can provide what we have in stock. 


Ordinary plastic

Our process of transformation goes beyond the material. We are committed to make a difference through positive environmental action to achieve cultural integration. 

Finished material

The end result is a beautifully crafted bag with interesting design elements. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to Blanc & White – people love the unique look and feel of the bags, as well as the story of how a simple concept can make a difference in our communities.